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"A Real Rival Rouser!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg August 12, 2010 UnitedStatesFlag.svg January 8, 2011
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DP186 DP187 DP188

Episode Plot

Mayor Events

  • Ash and Paul continue their battle
  • Paul is revealed to still own the Ninjask he had before he got Chimchar
  • Ash's Gliscor is revealed to have learned Stone Edge
  • Paul is revealed to have obtained a Froslass.

Characters and Items





Meowth: A toxic rerun!
Jessie: And I hate reruns!

Paul: I purposely let you take out Aggron and Gastrodon so I could be certain of your strategy and exactly which Pokémon you'd use.
Ash: Purposely?
Paul: Ever since I brought out Drapion, I've been able to predict every one of your moves.

Ash: Well Paul, that takes care of your Toxic Spikes.
Paul: It was a pretty clever move, Ash.
Ash: Bring it on!

Barry: It looks to me like Ninjask's not able to use Speed Boost anymore.
Dawn: It's slower, all right.

Brock: But Paul still has two Pokémon left. And one of them hasn't even battled yet. All of Ash’s Pokémon have taken damage, which can mean one thing: Ash is still operating at a disadvantage.

[After Pikachu defeated Froslass, much to Team Rocket’s relief]
Jessie: I’d take a pause for the cause. [opens a can of juice and drinks it]
James and Meowth: Stop, Jess!
Jessie: [gulps, then screams] I'm a profit guzzler!
Meowth: Well, since we know you, we'll charge ya triple.

Ash: Gliscor, let’s see what you’ve learned from your training with the Air Battle Master! You ready?
Gliscor: [nods] Gliscor!
Ash: [thinking] I know Drapion’s battle style by now, and the only one who can turn the tables on Paul is Gliscor.

[After Gliscor lands a Giga Impact on Drapion and performed a mid-air somersault, much to Ash’s and Team Rocket’s amazement, and the confusion of Paul and his Drapion]
Dawn: Now that's the way to be in an air battle!
Barry: Yeah! Gliscor's training is really paying off!
Brock: Right! And you can thank the Air Battle Master! [v.o.] Now Gliscor's safe even after not being able to move right after using Giga Impact!