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"Working on a Right Move!"
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Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors
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United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg July 22, 2010 UnitedStatesFlag.svg December 11, 2010
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[After Infernape used Flare Blitz to defeat Sudowoodo]
Brock: Instead of using Flame Wheel, Infernape powered up by learning Flare Blitz. That was great!
Ash: Thanks!

Barry: So you're training hard to beat Paul, aren't you?
Ash: Yeah, but I've gotta defeat Conway first.
Barry: Right! I forgot. So this is your Pokémon team for today. You're going for pure power with those three.

Announcer: We used Coin Toss to determine who gets the first attack. So time to reveal your Pokémon!

[When Ash sends in Noctowl]
Barry: Brock! Ash's Noctowl is a different shiny color!

[after Ash has sent in Gible]
Conway: I didn't think it had mastered Draco Meteor yet.

Ash: Gible, watch out for that tongue!

[Dusknoir is about to defeat Donphan]
Conway: Hmm... it's the end of the line, Ash! [to Dusknoir] Shadow Punch!

[After Ash defeated Conway]
Conway: This has got to be the least calculated battle I've ever seen. At least a new battle equation has been inputted into my database. Heh heh heh heh heh heh.

[after the battles for the quarter-finals have been chosen]
Dawn: Ash against Paul.
Barry: It’s about time! Ash and Paul are finally going to battle it out!

Brock: And Gible gets today’s gallantry award. Eat all you want.
Gible: [eating] Gible.
Dawn: Now that Gible’s mastered Draco Meteor, I’m sure Piplup will be able to rest easier. Am I right?
Piplup: [happy] Piplup!
Ash: [overseeing his Pokémon] Thanks a lot, Gible, Noctowl and Donphan. I’ll work hard in round four. And that’s a promise!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
[Paul and his Electivire approach]
Barry: It’s Paul!
Ash: Hey, Paul. So, are you fine-tuning your Pokémon?
Paul: Yeah.
Electivire: Electivire!
Pikachu: Pika!
Cynthia: It’s Paul vs. Ash. I’m really looking forward to their battle.
Narrator: [v.o.] And so, Ash advances to round four: the quarter-finals, where our battle with Paul promises some red-hot excitement, so stay tuned for two longtime rivals going at it head to head.
Ash: I got Buizel, Professor.
Oak: Good. Noctowl and the others are all in good hands. So, waiting for your third Pokémon for tomorrow?
Ash: Right. It should be here any minute now.
[Dawn enters the Pokémon Center]
Piplup: [o.s.] Pip, Piplup!
Dawn: [enters the Pokémon Center] Hey, Ash, it's here!
Ash: Really?!
Pikachu: Pika!
[Dawn and Ash head outside the Pokémon Center, where Brock is waiting for them]
Brock: Ash, [points at something off-screen] look!
[Dawn and Ash look up and notice a familiar shadow heading for them]
Ash: I've been waiting. Gliscor!
Gliscor: [eagerly licks her lips] Gli.