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"Mastering Current Events!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg December 3, 2009 UnitedStatesFlag.svg April 24, 2010
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DP153 DP154 DP155

Characters and items



Main characters



(The episode begins with the gang travelling through a forest)
Piplup: [exhausted] Piplup...
Ash: Oh no. Man... Bet ya we’re lost.
Dawn: How big is this forest anyway?
Brock: [reads the guidebook] Heading over this way should get us out of here fast.
Ash: Gliscor, I choose you! [sends out Gliscor]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Ash: Gliscor, have a look.
Gliscor: Gli! [flies up above the forest]
Narrator: (voice-over) While Dawn’s next Pokémon Contest in Daybreak Town awaits, our heroes seem to have gotten a bit turned around and are presently lost in a deep forest.
(the gang keeps on walking, until...)
Gliscor: [from outside the forest] Gliscor! Gliscor!
Ash: That way! (the gang run out of the forest) Yeah, we’re outta here!
Pikachu: Pika?
Ash: [astonished by the mountainous area] Check it out.
[Suddenly, they hear familiar sounds from under the canyon]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Ash: Gliscor!
Scizor: [chasing Gliscor] Scizor!
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Ash: What’s that? [sees a Scizor chasing Gliscor] It’s a Scizor!
Gliscor: [lands at a safe distance from Scizor] Gli!
Piplup: Piplup!
Brock: Look!
Dawn: A Chimecho!
[The Scizor zooms by]
Ash: [about Scizor] Whoa, fast!
Gliscor: Gli.
[Scizor powers up a Metal Claw attack]
Brock: Look, Scizor’s using Metal Claw.
[Chimecho uses Psywave to block the Metal Claw]
Ash: Chimecho’s using Psywave back.
Scizor: [blocks the Psywave] Scizor! [powers up Double Hit] Sciz!
Brock: This time it’s Double Hit.
Gliscor: [amazed] Scor.
Scizor: [hits Chimecho twice and sends it flying] Scizor!
Gliscor: Gliscor! [dodges Chimecho along with Pikachu]
Piplup: [gets hit by Chimecho] Piplup!
Dawn: Piplup, no!
Piplup: [unconscious] Piplup... (theme song and title, then the scene changes as Dawn holds her Piplup; moaning) Lup...
Dawn: Piplup, please tell you’re all right.
Maya: (as her balloon lands) Sorry, I never thought people or Pokémon would be way out here like this. [to her Chimecho] Chimecho, are you okay?
Chimecho: [gets up] Chime, Chime. Chime, Chime, Chime.
Dawn’s Pokédex: Chimecho, the Wind Chime Pokémon. Its cries, which reverberate in its hollow body, emerge as notes of beauty, which drive off its opponents.
(another balloon lands, and McCann and his Scizor step out)
McCann: Huh? I’ll be. I’m shocked to find signs of life in this thick forest.
Ash: Excuse me. Hey, is that your Scizor?
[a while later, at the cabin]
Maya: Wow. You don’t know who this is, don’t you?
Ash: Hmm... Guess I don’t.
McCann and Maya: Huh?
Dawn: Well, I sure know. They did a story on you for “Sinnoh Now”.
Brock: Huh?
Dawn: Yeah, you’re that Air Battle Master. McCann.
Ash: Air Battle Master?
Maya: Right, that’s it. See, when it comes to air battling, my Grandfather McCann is undefeated and unbeatable.
Ash: Wow.
Maya: But now that he’s retired, he lives a quiet life up in the mountains near here. Sometimes he even lets me battle him.
Brock: I see! So what’s what that air battle was all about!
McCann: (gestures with his staff to the valley) Now, the thing is, the way the wind blows around here makes this valley quite unique. It’s about as air battles as you’re going to get.
Maya: Every so often, someone asks Grandpa to teach them everything he knows. So many seem to wanna learn every last one of his secrets. Just yesterday, a student asked to help make his Crobat stronger.
Brock: And so did you help him out?
McCann: Nah. I decided he didn’t have a chance.
Maya: Right. See, most people don’t have a chance, but even if they can’t become students, they bring their Pokémon to be trained, right, Grandpa?
McCann: Right, dear.
Maya: So most requests get turned down right from the start.
McCann: I figure if there’s no chance for them to become strong, it’s a waste of my time.
Gliscor: [pops up behind Ash] Gliscor!
Ash: Huh? Gliscor, wanna try?
Gliscor: [eager] Gliscor, Gliscor!
Ash: Mr. McCann, would you consider battling my Gliscor, please? You see, we’re on a journey together to win the Sinnoh League.
McCann: Are you saying your Gliscor is strong?
Ash: Yeah. Gliscor’s a huge help in my gym battles.
Gliscor: Gliscor!
McCann: Well, I wonder about that.
Dawn: It’ll be great! Please?
Brock: It sure would.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Piplup: Piplup, Piplup.
Maya: Why not? Since you’re retired, there’s not that much to do.
McCann: Perhaps. Might be a nice way to kill some time.
(Dawn and Brock both sweat drop and chuckle, while Gliscor gives a “I don’t get it” look)
Ash: Kill some time, huh?
McCann: Scizor, let’s go! [brings out Scizor]
Scizor: Scizor!
Gliscor: Gli!
Dawn’s Pokédex: [female robot voice] Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon. It threatens enemies with its eye-patterned claws, which can swing with tremendous force when used in battle.
Dawn: Wow. Strong.
Ash: Yeah.

Ash: C'mon, Gliscor. You know you can't turn well at that speed!
Dawn: Gliscor, you gotta wake up!

Jessie: Puh-leeze. You’d think the twerps were using vanishing cream.
Meowth: Well, they slathered it on when they hit the forest.
James: So twerpishly slick.

Maya: Grandpa, shouldn't you wrap this up soon?
McCann: I suppose. No sense wasting anymore of my time (to Scizor) Scizor, Hyper Beam, let's go!

(after Gliscor lost against Scizor and once the balloon lands)
Gliscor: Gli...
Ash: Gliscor, are you okay?
Gliscor: (recovers) Gli...
Brock: That was rough.
Ash: Yeah. Poor Gliscor wasn’t even able to get in a single hit.
Gliscor: (tearfully) Gli...
Ash: Hey, Gliscor, don’t cry.

(At sunset, Gliscor is still crying about her defeat.)
Ash: Yeah, that was a tough loss, eh, Gliscor?
Gliscor: (looks at Ash) Gliscor. Gli...
(After sunset, inside the guest house, the gang is having dinner. Gliscor, however, is not hungry, but instead mourning about her defeat)
Ash: Gliscor? Not much of an appetite, huh?
Dawn: You’ve gotta eat if you wanna get stronger.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Piplup: Piplup!
Gliscor: Gli.
Piplup: Lup. (starts eating)
Gliscor: (reluctantly reaches for her bowl; with a full mouth) Gliscor.
(several minutes later, after dinner)
Ash: (holds up Gliscor’s Poké Ball) ‘Kay, Gliscor, time for bed.
Gliscor: (reluctant) Scor.
Ash: But, Gliscor, you’ve gotta get some rest.
Brock: I guess Gliscor’s got a lot to think about.
Ash: Guess so.
(While the gang falls asleep, Ash loses grasp of Pikachu.)
Pikachu: (wakes up) Pika? (rubs his eye, then goes outside. At the edge of the valley, Gliscor is gazing at the moon, still mourning about her defeat; off-screen) Pika, Pika?
Gliscor: Gli.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Ash: (approaches them) Gliscor.
Gliscor: (looks away) Gli.
Ash: Too upset to sleep, huh?
Gliscor: Scor.
Ash: Hey, what do you say we take a whack at trying to read the wind, just like McCann said?
Gliscor: (heads up) Gli? (grins) Scor.

Ash: (thinking) What’d he say about reading the wind? Yeah, got it!
(Cut to Gliscor chasing Staraptor with a rope tied to his tail)
Staraptor: Star.
Gliscor: Gli.
Ash: Gliscor, that’s it! Just keep on chasing after the rope!
Staraptor: Staraptor.
Gliscor: Gliscor.
Dawn: Here, Ash, try using this.
Ash: Dawn!
Dawn: I took a bit tinfoil and used it to make confetti. Watch this. (throws some confetti in the air, which reveals the wind once caught in it)
Ash: Whoa, great! Now you can see the wind. (to Gliscor) Now, Gliscor, follow that trail!
Gliscor: (starts following the confetti) Gli!
Ash: (is given the bag) Thanks a lot, Dawn. (to Gliscor) Gliscor, look down! (throws some confetti) Here’s more!
Gliscor: (following the next trail of confetti) Scor!
Ash: You’re really riding the wind!
Pikachu: (happy) Pika, Pika!
(Meanwhile, Team Rocket is travelling at night while suddenly some tinfoil hits them)
Meowth: What’s with the sparkles?
James: That’s flying tinfoil.
Jessie: For what?
Meowth: (points off-screen) That!
Gliscor: Gliscor! (lands inside Team Rocket’s balloon basket)
Meowth: (to Jessie and James) This Gliscor’s from the twoips. (to Gliscor) What are you doing on a night like this?
Gliscor: (calmly) Gliscor, Gli. Gli, Gliscor, Gli.
Jessie: Translation, please.
Meowth: Gliscor’s trying to read the wind so it can battle Scizor for the win.
James: I see... not.

[about Team Rocket]
Ash: What are they doing out there? It's night.
Dawn: Right.

McCann: Really? You want an air battle with me again?
Maya: Even though Gliscor wasn’t able to land a single hit before?
Ash: Yes, we do. We’re asking for another chance, please.
Pikachu: Pika.
Piplup: Piplup.
Dawn: Oh, please, sir. Ash and Gliscor worked really hard all night long learning to read the wind.
Brock: They get it now.
Ash: ‘Course, we might not be able to beat Scizor after all of this, but still. We really wanna check how far we’ve come, and look at Gliscor’s progress.
Gliscor: [determined] Gli!
McCann: Dear, what should I do?
Maya: Well, there’s always more time to kill, so why not?
(a moment later, Ash’s Gliscor and McCann’s Scizor are prepared for the rematch)
McCann: All right, then. Ready to go?
Ash: Yeah.
Dawn: Do it, Gliscor! Good luck.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!

(When Gliscor’s X-Scissor missed Scizor)
Dawn: Scizor’s so fast. It’s amazing.
McCann: Metal Claw!
Scizor: (powers up Metal Claw) Sciz...
Gliscor: (determinedly dodges the Metal Claw) Gli.
McCann: Oh, so Gliscor can dodge now.

[After Gliscor takes a steep dive down, heading for Scizor]
Ash: Gliscor, do it!

(after Gliscor lost a second time)
Ash: Gliscor, you okay?
Gliscor: Gli...
Ash: So we lost again.
Gliscor: Gli.
Ash: But not only did you learn how to read the wind, you learned a brand-new move, too. And that’s really good, you know?
Gliscor: [smiles] Gli.
Dawn: Sure is, it’s great!
Brock: That’s real progress.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Piplup: Piplup, Piplup!
Maya: Yeah, that performance really wasn’t bad at all.
McCann: Indeed. Tell me, Ash. How would you like to leave Gliscor with me for a little training?
Ash: Leave Gliscor here?
McCann: If your Gliscor was able to read the wind that well in just one night, there’s a making of a great pupil here.
Ash: (astonished) Whoa, I don’t know what to say.
McCann: It’s quite amazing how this reminds me of the very first time I met Scizor. It’s been a long time since I’ve met a Pokémon I wanted to train.
Gliscor: (shocked) Gliscor? (stares at the ground, thinking) Gli...


  • Even though Ash learned how to take advantage of wind current in PokéRinger competitions, he doesn't know the basics in this episode.
  • When Gliscor is chasing Scizor in one scene, its fangs are green instead of pure white.



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