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"Fighting Fear With Fear!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg July 3, 2008 UnitedStatesFlag.svg December 13, 2008
Badge 1 Badge 2 Badge 3 Badge 4
DP084 DP085 DP086


Major Events

  • Ash's Gligar evolves into Gliscor.
  • Jessie's Yanmega is revealed to know Silver Wind

Characters and Items





[The episode begins as Dawn sets a cook pot of stew on the table]
Dawn: Okay.
[Ash and Brock have placed bowls of Pokémon food]
Brock: We’re all set.
Ash: ‘Kay, gang, chow time!
Pikachu: Pika?
Dawn: [off-screen] Come and get it!
[All of the team’s Pokémon storm out of the water, go to their bowls and start eating]
Brock: That is some of my special Pokémon food. And I made plenty, so eat up.

Dawn: [laughs] That’s Turtwig for you.
Ash: Yeah! [noticing Gligar is not here] Huh? Hey, where’d Gligar go? I’ll find out.
Croagunk: [eating] Croa, croa, croa.
Ash: [calling out] Hey, Gligar, come here!
Gligar: [appears above Ash] Gli!
Ash: [shocked] Huh? [notices Gligar just as it lands on his head] Ugh! [gets Gligar off his head] Why’d you do that?
Pikachu: Pika, Pikachu?
Gligar: [using X-Scissor on the ground] Gli! Gli!
Ash: Oh, that’s X-Scissor. Does that mean you wanna do some battle training?
Gligar: [nods] Gli, Gli.
Brock: That makes sense to me, [a flashback of Gligar’s battle with Paul’s Gliscor is shown; voice-over] especially after Gligar had that frustrating battle with Paul’s Gliscor.
[The flashback ends, but once hearing this, Gligar starts crying and groaning in depression]
Dawn: Careful, you’re going to get Gligar really depressed.
Brock: Uh, sorry, Gligar.
Ash: Training, huh? So you wanna get stronger, right?
Gligar: [nods] Gli!
Ash: Awesome! We’ll get down to it, right after lunch.
Gligar: [ecstatic] Gligar!
[theme song and title, then the scene changes to Gligar facing Buizel]
Narrator: [voice-over] As our heroes continue the Sinnoh region trek toward Hearthome City and Ash’s next Gym battle, we find a very motivated Gligar prompting a round of special training.
Buizel: Bui! Bui, Bui!
Ash: Gligar, you’re in the thick of it. Use your eyes and show that winning Glare!
Gligar: [steps forward] Gli! [gasps once noticing Buizel’s evil smirk and growl]
Buizel: [angrily] Bui, Bui!
Gligar: [begging] Gli, gli, gli...
Ash: Well, that’s not gonna work. Gligar, you can’t give up before you start.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Ash: Gligar, now! Use X-Scissor and keep it going!
Gligar: [charging up] Gligar! [starts using several X-Scissors on Buizel, who dodges them easily]
Ash: Now, Buizel, use Aqua Jet! [Buizel performs an Aqua Jet attack, intimidating Gligar so much that it makes it cling on Ash’s face, just before Buizel’s Aqua Jet hits them both; angry] Gligar, what’s wrong with you?
[However, Ash’s words make Gligar’s depression deteriorate and it even looks at the ground, squeaking]
Dawn: Ash, wait. Getting mad like that will just depress Gligar even more.
Ash: [slightly annoyed] Well, yeah, but still...
Dawn: Cheer up, Gligar. No need to worry. You’ll just try a little harder next time and you’ll be wonderful.
Gligar: [hugs Dawn] Gligar.
Ash: Man, I don’t want Gligar to get spoiled.
Brock: On the other hand, treating Gligar harshly isn’t going to get you very far either, right?
Ash: Yeah. ‘Kay, Turtwig, come out and give me a hand! [sends out Turtwig]
Turtwig: Turtwig!
Ash: Now, Turtwig. Energy Ball!
Turtwig: [starts forming Energy Ball] Tur...
Gligar: [afraid] Gligar.
Ash: Gligar, if you don’t pay attention, you won’t be able to dodge.
Turtwig: [launches the Energy Ball at Gligar] Turtwig!
Gligar: [leaps up] Gli!
Ash: Now use Steel Wing right from where you are.
Gligar: [hesitating] Uh? [uses Steel Wing] Gli! [pauses in mid-dive once meeting Turtwig’s determined glare and defensive stance] Uh! [starts babbling and spinning around in fear and uncertainty]
Brock: Huh?
Gligar: [turns and heads for Ash] Gligar.
Ash: Look out! [runs away with Pikachu in tow] Come on, Gligar, not over here!
Dawn: Of course, now Gligar can fly straight as an arrow.
Brock: [groans] Uh...
Ash: [pointing at Turtwig off-screen] Your opponent’s back over there! [unfortunately, Gligar closes in and lands on Ash’s face] Ah! [angrily removes Gligar off his face] What are you thinking?! [Gligar whimpers in response] You’re gonna have to stop crying and start toughening up. Let’s try it once more.
Gligar: Gligar! [flies off]
Ash: Gligar!
Dawn: Where are you going?
Gligar: [off-screen] Gligar!
[From behind a bush, Team Rocket is eavesdropping]
James: Best wear a helmet when Gligar calls.
Meowth: [laughs] I just thought of the perfect way to utilize that head-hugger.
Jessie: I’m sensing a scene change.
Meowth: It’s a doozy!

[After Gligar fled from Ash’s scolding]
Ash: Gligar, where are you?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Dawn: Hey, Gligar!
Brock: Say something!
Ash: [disappointed] This is just great. Things don’t go perfectly, so Gligar throws in the towel.
Pikachu: [disappointed] Pika.
Staravia: [off-screen] Staravia!
[Ash and Pikachu look up]
Ash: Huh? [to Staravia] Staravia, did you find Gligar?
Staravia: Star! [flies off, making the others follow him] Staravia, Star. [after a while, he lands near the spot where Gary found Gligar] Star.
Pikachu: Pika!
Gary: Huh?
Dawn: [referring to Gary] It's the poetry guy's grandson!
[In response, everyone else facefaults just in front of Gary and Gligar.]
Gary: Hey, it'd be a lot easier if you used my name.
Ash: Hey, Gary. Why are you here?
Gary: I was just on my way over to Lake Valor to check out that legendary Pokémon you guys saw.
[a flashback reveals Ash and Pikachu noticing Azelf’s spirit during the first night of the Wallace Cup]
Ash: [voice-over] I’ll never forget that.
[the flashback ends]
Brock: So, does that mean professor Rowan sent you?
Gary: Yeah. [glances at Gligar] Hey, what’s up with this Gligar?
Ash: It’s mine. We were just doing some special training.
Gary: Let me guess. In the middle of your training, Gligar took off.
Ash: Gary, how did you know that?
Gary: Just call it a good guess. Seems your training method is a little bit to be desired, Ashy boy.
Ash: [angrily] What was that?!
Gary: Hey, I’m just offering you my help.
Ash: Thanks, but no thanks. [offers Gligar a hand] Come on, Gligar, let’s try it once more.
Gligar: [hides behind Gary in denial] Gli!
Gary: Sounds like a “no, thank you” to me.
Ash: Oh, yeah?! [tugging Gligar towards him by the claws] Come on!
Dawn: Maybe you should take Gary up on his offer to help.
[Ash stops tugging Gligar, who hides behind Gary, towards him and looks at Dawn and Brock, confused.]
Brock: Yeah, just do this for Gligar. It might be best for everybody.
Gary: Yeah. What have you got to lose?
[Ash growls in frustration]
Pikachu: Pika, Pi.
[Gary brings out Umbreon]
Umbreon: Umbreon.
Gary: It’s Gligar against Umbreon. We’ll be able to show you a few things.
Ash: We won’t go easy on ya! [to Gligar] Now, Gligar, Steel Wing!
Gligar: [performing Steel Wing] Gli!
Gary: Umbreon, Shadow Ball!
Umbreon: [charging Shadow Ball] Umbre! [fires the Shadow Ball at Gligar, but misses]
Gligar: [startled] Ah! Gli! [heads for Ash and clings on his head in fear, much to Pikachu's disbelief]
Gary: I get it. Gligar freaks out easily when facing an opponent.
Gligar: [sighs] Gli. (Yeah.)
Ash: But Gligar, you wanna get strong?
Gligar: [nods sadly] Gligar.
Brock: Even though Gligar wants to get strong, as soon as any battling begins, this huge wave of uncontrollable fear takes over.
Gary: All right, so the first thing we have to work on is getting over that fear.
Dawn: But how do you do that?
Ash: You focus in and concentrate.
Gary: Ash, I guess you’ll never change. [Ash gasps, then groans in frustration] The most important thing about working with Steel Wing is to jump as high as you can. So, if we can master that, no doubt Gligar will have lots more confidence in battle.
Dawn: That’s great. Gary sure gives instructions much better than Ash.
Ash: [irately] I heard that!
Brock: But how does Gligar increase its jumping power?
Gary: By using the end of Gligar’s tail like a spring when it takes off.
Gligar: [amazed] Gli.
Ash: Awesome. [to Gligar] ‘Kay, Gligar, use the end of your tail like a spring when you jump.
Gligar: [stands on its tail] Gli.
Ash: Now Steel Wing! Go!
Gligar: Gli! [starts flapping her wings] Gli, Gli, Gli! [jumps off the ground]
Ash: What a jump!
Gligar: [whimpers in fear once noticing the view and powers down Steel Wing) Gli! (starts flailing down) Gli, gli, gli!
[Everyone gasps until Gligar clings on Ash’s face]
Ash: (muffled) Mmf!
Pikachu: Pika Pi!
Dawn: Oh, no!
Brock: Now Gligar's gotta deal with a fear of heights.
Gary: We’ve got a problem, all right. How much battling has Gligar done?
Dawn: Not much. Gligar got beaten pretty badly battling a Gliscor. Maybe that’s why Gligar’s so scared now.
Gary: Yeah, makes sense. A Gliscor... [holds up a Razor Fang] Hey, I know! We’ll evolve Gligar.
Ash: Huh?
Dawn: What’s that?
Piplup: Piplup!
Brock: It’s a Razor Fang.
Gary: Right, we’ll just evolve Gligar into Gliscor with this, [hands over the Razor Fang to Ash] and once we do that, all sorts of Gligar’s abilities will improve, and we can put the brakes on all that fear.
Ash: Wow, thanks Gary.
Gligar: [eagerly tries to reach for the Razor Fang] Gli!
Ash: Calm down, Gligar. Evolving is no substitute for some honest, hard work. You can evolve after you conquer your fear. [motions Gligar to stop]
Gligar: [disappointed] Gar... (Aww...)
(A second later, an off-screen explosion is heard)
Gary: What the?
Jessie: A clueless twerp is certainly nothing new.
James: You’re all pros at not getting a clue.
Jessie: Face the facts!
James: For a change!
Meowth: Stinks ta be you!
Jessie: We’ll bring chaos at a breakneck pace.
James: We’ll dash all hope and put fear in its place.
Jessie: It’s old home week for the twerps, we see.
James: But without us, you’re short by three.
Jessie: Jessie!
James: And James!
Meowth: Meowth makes it triple, you see!
Jessie: Putting you do-gooders in your place.
James: We’re Team Rocket!
Team Rocket: In your face!
Wobbuffet: [pops out of his Poké Ball] Wobbuffet! Wobba!
Dawn and Brock: Team Rocket!
Gary: Don’t you guys ever get tired of being lame?
Team Rocket: SILENCE!
Meowth: Check out our Gliscor Bot! [presses a button]
Gliscor Bot: [robotic voice] Gliscor! [grabs Gligar]
Ash and Pikachu: Aah!
Ash: Gligar!
Gligar: [terrified] Gligar!
James: Now that’s some tail with real torque!
Meowth: And you’re a dork!
Ash: [chasing Team Rocket] Stop it right now! [jumps onto the Gliscor Bot] Gligar’s staying with me!
Gligar: Gli...
James: We don’t need the extra ballast.
Jessie: Brat! Always dragging us down.
Ash: [pulls out a Poké Ball] I’ll fix you! Staravia, stop Team Rocket!
Staravia: [emerges from his Poké Ball] Star! [charges at Team Rocket] Star!
Jessie: Spare me. Seviper, use Haze, and Yanmega, use Silver Wind!
Seviper: [emerges from its Poké Ball] Viper! [spits out Haze] Seviper!
Yanmega: [emerges from her Poké Ball] Yan! [uses Silver Wind]
Staravia: [gets hit by both Haze and Silver Wind] Star! [gets knocked down, while everyone braces for the impact. Unfortunately, once the impact clears, Team Rocket, Ash and Gligar suddenly vanished]
Brock: [referring to Team Rocket] They’re gone!
Dawn: And with Gligar and Ash! [Gary groans]
Pikachu: [determined] Pika pika. (Team Rocket.)
[Once Team Rocket’s Gliscor Bot balloon lands in a open spot in the woods, Ash and Gligar are revealed to be stuffed inside a cage]
Ash: Gligar, you’re not hurt, are you?
Gligar: [desperate] Gli.
[Both watch Team Rocket with suspicion, who are happy-go-lucky about the capture of their hostages]
James: Everyone should have a Gliscor Bot.
Jessie: We do and that’s what counts, which leads to the need to speed Gligar by Delibird express to the boss’s digs.
Meowth': Once the boss is dreaming without morning interruption, we’ll be rollin' fat!
'James and Jessie': Mm-hmm.
'Wobbuffet': Wobbu!
James: [dressed as a judge] So, to mark today’s victory, I’ve taken the liberty of preparing a modest little meal, and here it is! [reveals a table with tons cans of canned food]
'Jessie: Wow. Canned food with eight layers of cans.
Meowth: There’s nothing more modest than a tower pile of tin.
James: Quick, eat before we pass the expiration date.
Team Rocket: Peel that tin and let’s dig in! [they quickly start gobbling up all cans of pineapples empty. Meanwhile, the sun is starting to set, but the rest of the gang are trying to find Ash and Gligar. Pikachu sits on Brock’s shoulder, while Staravia is flying, carrying Ash’s backpack on his back]
Dawn: We haven’t found Ash and Gligar yet, and the sun is starting to go down.
Gary: I know this terrain like the back of my hand. And there just aren’t that many places where Team Rocket’s balloon could have touched down. This way.
Dawn: Right behind you, Gary.
Piplup: Piplup.
[Hours later, Team Rocket has fallen asleep after eating]
Jessie: Mission accomplished. My needle’s on full.
Meowth: The only good tummy is a fully packed tummy.
[As for Ash and Gligar, it gives them their chance to escape]
Ash: [quietly] Great. Now we can get outta here. [to Gligar] Quick, face the bars and then use X-Scissor.
Gligar: [nods quietly] Gli. [hits the bars with X-Scissor] Gligar! [the bars are left unscratched]
Ash: One more time.
Gligar: Gli. [uses X-Scissor on the bars a second time] Gligar! [once realizing the cage’s sturdiness, Ash groans in frustration; teary] Gli. [shows one of its pincers to Ash, which is starting to glow red in pain]
Ash: [softly] ‘Kay. Let me take a shot. Here we go! [tackles the cage] Ugh! [groans in pain]
Gligar: [amazed] Gli...
Ash: One more time! [tackles the cage again] Ugh! [takes off his hat]
Gligar: [amazed] Gli...
Ash: [puts his hat back on] Work out! Here I come! [tackles again] Ugh! [gets knocked back. After getting up, however, he notices a sudden change in Gligar’s expression] Huh?
Gligar: [eager] Gli, Gligar!
Ash: Gligar. [confident] Then use X-Scissor one more time!
Gligar: Gli. [uses X-Scissor again] Gligar! [winces for the lasting pain, but endures it] Gli
Ash: [confident] All right. Try it once again!
Gligar: Gli. [performs one last X-Scissor] Gligar!
Ash: [realizes the bar is starting to rattle] Huh? Just a little more. Let’s both of us try.
Gligar: Gli. [powers up X-Scissor]
Ash: [gets ready to tackle] All right, one, two, three!
Gligar: Gar!
[both attack the cage, this time breaking themselves free; Gligar snickers]
Ash: Yeah, Gligar, way to go!
Gligar: [delighted] Gligar!
[Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still sleeping]
Meowth: [asleep] Gee, Boss, thanks for the bread.
[the duo approaches a broken hanging bridge]
Ash: A hanging bridge?
Gligar: [scared] Gli...
[Cut on the bridge, which has several holes in it, then cut back to Ash and Gligar]
Ash: Come on, let’s go.
[Gligar looks at Ash, thinking he's crazy. A while later, both start to cross the bridge, but at the first steps, Ash and Gligar are almost blown off by a strong wind. Gligar is whimpering in fear and holds onto Ash’s waist tightly. However, the rope Ash is starting to hold onto snaps off, forcing both to hold on to it. The scene changes to Ash holding on to the rope and his terrified Gligar on his back]
Ash: 'Kay, Gligar, you've gotta hang on tight.
[Gligar gasps in realization, before Ash starts to climb out of the chasm with Gligar on his back, both looking determined. At the same time, near the Gliscor Bot’s landing spot, James wakes up]
James: [shocked] Aahhh! [referring to Ash and Gligar] Those two twerps totaled the trap! [heads to the still sleeping Jessie and Meowth] Attention! Up, you lazy louts!
[As for Ash and Gligar, they managed to climb out of the canyon, much to Ashs exhaustion]
Gligar: [concerned] Gligar?
Ash: [calmly] I’m telling you, you've gotta stop worrying. Now first things first, I gotta figure out how to cross. [looks around, and notices a tall tree] I’ve got it. That’ll work. ‘Kay, Gligar, [pointing at the tree] use Steel Wing to knock down that tree!
Gligar: [leaps up] Gligar!
Ash: That’s it. Now, give it all you got!
Gligar: [determinedly powers up Steel Wing] Gli. [starts diving towards the tree] Gar! [hits the tree, but no luck] Gli! [gets send back in Ash’s arms]
Ash: [catches Gligar; concerned] You all right?
Gligar: [notices the severe pain in its pincers] Gli. [struggles to get up, and stands up unfazed] Gligar.
Ash: [gets up in shock] Whoa, what’s gotten into you? [excited] Way to go! I know you can do it now!
Gligar: Gli!
Ash: ‘Kay, use Steel Wing!
Gligar: [standing on its tail] Gli! [flapping its wings] Gli, Gli, Gli! [leaps up]
Ash: All you have to do is keep believing in yourself!
Gligar: [powers up Steel Wing] Gligar! [starts diving towards the tree]
Ash: Now hit it!
Gligar: [plows the tree] Gligar! Gli!
Ash: You did it, Gligar! [dancing in glory] You did it! [twirls Gligar] You did it! [calmly holds up the Razor Fang] You know what that means. You can use the Razor Fang and evolve if you want to.
Gligar: Gli... [happily hugs Ash] Gligar!
[Ash chuckles, feeling delighted for allowing Gligar to evolve, but suddenly, both become shocked once hearing the tree breaking off]
Ash: [confused] Huh?
[Ash and Gligar turn around, only to notice Team Rocket inside their Gliscor Bot balloon]
James: All right, jail breakers, we’ll take it from here.
Jessie: It’s back in the twerp box for you.
Ash: Can’t you guys give it a rest?!
Meowth: [laughs] What? And miss out on playin’ wit’ toys and messin’ wit’ you?
Wobbuffet: [hopping] Wobbuffet!
James: One Gligar, please.
Meowth: [presses a button] Ta go!
Ash: LOOK OUT! [grabs Gligar before both are suspended by the tail from behind] AAAAHHH!!! Quick, Gligar, you gotta get moving. [drops Gligar in the chasm]
Gligar: Gli! GLIGAR!!!!!!!!!!!
[Team Rocket gasps in horror]
Jessie: The twerp fled.
James: [angrily pointing at Ash] Bad twerp!
Ash: [struggling] No, you don’t. [falls in the canyon] Aaaaaaahh!
[As for Gligar, it’s still falling down, only slower than Ash]
[Gligar gets shocked in mid-fall once noticing Ash falling past her and tries to stop him from falling, but isn't fast enough.]
Gligar: Gligar! [calls Ash, sporting a big grin] GLIGAR!
Ash: GLIGAR, HEADS UP! [throws the Razor Fang] THE RAZOR FANG, GRAB IT!
Gligar: [heads for the Razor Fang and grabs it] Gli!
[Suddenly, Gligar starts evolving, much to Ash’s delight, and is a Gliscor now once the light enshrouding it faded]
Gliscor: Gli, Gliscor.
Ash: [delighted] It evolved! [looks down in shock] Huh?! Whoa! [starts shouting uncontrollably]
Gliscor: [grabs Ash] Gli. [lowers its tail to cushion the fall]
Ash: Thanks, Gliscor. What a catch.
Gliscor: Gli, Gliscor.
Meowth: Hey, Gligar’s been Gliscored.
Jessie: Good, the spitting image of our Gliscor-bot.
James: That means our Gliscor will have someone to look up to.
Ash: Gliscor’s mine, right, Gliscor?
Gliscor: [determined] Gliscor!

[After Gliscor managed to bisect the Gliscor-Bot with Steel Wing]
Ash: Check it out!
Team Rocket: [horrified] No, thank you!
Gary: Wow, Gliscor sure looks strong.
Dawn: Yeah, and in total sync with Ash.
[As the Gliscor-Bot crashes down, Gliscor happily heads for Ash, much to the latter's shock]
Gliscor: Gli! [glomps Ash, muffling him] Gliscor, Gliscor, Gli, Gliscor.
Dawn: Guess old habits die hard.


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