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"Buizel Your Way Out Of This!"
Season10 ep34 ss2.jpg
Episode Code
Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg May 17, 2007 UnitedStatesFlag.svg October 27, 2007
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Episode Plot

Ash and friends run into a man carrying a fainted Zigzagoon. He tells them he battled an extremely strong Buizel. Hearing this the gang decide to try and capture it. They find a river where the Buizel is said to live and start to fish with Ash using Misty's special lure. While fishing they are reunited with Zoey. As they talk about each other's accomplishments, something tugs on Dawns rod. She manages to haul it above the water and it is indeed a Buizel.

Dawn proceeds to uses her Piplup but is easily defeated by its Aqua Jet. Zoey then battles it with her Glameow using Shadow Claw but the Buizel easily defeats it. Ash then tries to battle it with Pikachu but it is dragged underwater and seemed unable to battle. However it manages to get back on land and defeats Buizel with an Iron Tail. Ash then tries to capture it using a Poké Ball but it escapes

The Buizel then steals their rods and makes off down the river. The group, along with Zoey, follow the flow of the river to a cave underneath a waterfall. The Buizel is then seen leaving the cave and gets an Oran Berry to recover its strength.

Buizel then climbs the rock face, Pikachu and Piplup attempt to follow. They then dive off the top. After a second attempt, Piplup succeeds and impresses Buizel, making Buizel want to battle Piplup. The pair battle and Dawn doesn't do too well until Zoey advises Dawn to battle like it was a contest. She then does a lot better and manages to beat Buizel, she throws a Poké Ball but again it fails.

The battle then continues and after a combination of jumping, diving and Whirlpool, the Buizel is again defeated, Dawn throws another Poké Ball and this time the Buizel is well and truly captured.


  • This is the 500th episode, a real milestone.
  • When Dawn caught Buizel, Ash said he would like to have it, which happened in Throwing the Track Switch!.

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