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Contrary is a new ability introduced in Generation V. Few Pokémon are capable of having this ability and the only known users get the ability through the Dream World. This ability reverses the users stat changes. For example, if the user is hit by a negative stat change—even a self-inflicted stat change—it will reverse it into a positive stat change for that particular stat and vice versa. Contrary has no effect outside of battle.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#213 Shuckle 213.png Type Bug.gifType Rock.gif Dream World
#327 Spinda 327.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#495 Snivy 495.png Type Grass.gif Dream World
#496 Servine 496.png Type Grass.gif Dream World
#497 Serperior 497.png Type Grass.gif Dream World
#??? Inkay 000.png Type Dark.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#??? Malamar 000.png Type Dark.gifType Psychic.gif Natural