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Cianwood City
タンバシティ Tanba City
Map of Cianwood City
A Port of Crashing Waves
Location info
Region: Johto
Connecting routes: →East - Route 41
←West - Cliff Edge Gate*
Location of Cianwood City in Johto.
Gym info
Name: Cianwood Gym
Leader: Chuck
Types: Type Fighting.gif
Badge: Storm Badge Stormbadge.png
Pokémon Gyms

Cianwood City is an island town located in the southwest part of Johto. It is believed to be an island due to its strong sea-side aesthetics, but is on a peninsula and can only be reached by sea travel. Johto's Fighting-type expert, Chuck, runs the Cianwood City gym. You can also obtain the Secret Potion here from the Pharmacy to cure Jasmine's Ampharos from its headache. This city is inaccessible until you have the Hidden Machine, Surf. Many of the people here talk about Lugia in this town, most likely because one of the Whirl Islands is located to the east of town. There is also a cave entrance, Cliff Edge Gate, which leads to Route 47.

Areas Of Interest

Cianwood City Gym

The Cianwood City Gym is located to the west of the town. In the first games, the player must use Strength to move the boulders around to get to the Gym Leader, whilst battling any trainer in the way. In the remakes, Chuck is seen in the beginning, but cannot be interacted as long as he is in his training. The player must go to the top of the gym while moving boulders and battling trainers to turn a crank in order to stop the waterfall and end his training. After defeating Chuck, he gives you Technical Machine DynamicPunch/Focus Punch as a reward.

Kirk's House

Kirk is a trainer that lives in Cianwood City. Before you meet him, Silver shows up at his house and bullies him until Kirk is forced to give Silver his Sneasel. When you show up, he asks you to hold onto his Shuckle until he's sure Silver won't come back. Later, Kirk asks for it back, but if you agree he will let you keep his Shuckle. If you say no, he will call you a thief.

Cianwood City Pharmacy

The Cianwood City Pharmacy is a small, old pharmacy located at the southern part of the city. It is a compact pharmacy that has been running for over 500 years. It replaces the PokéMart for the town, like the Souvenir Shop in Mahogany Town. The SecretPotion is sold here and given to the player after the player has met Jasmine at the Lighthouse.