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The Calendar is a Pokétch app. It is a monthly calendar with date reminders.


  • Pokétch No: 17
  • Basic Info: "The Calendar app is a monthly calendar with date reminders."
  • Computer Info: "Use the monthly Calendar to make a note of important dates. Touch any date to change its color. Touch it again to change it back."


  • It is obtainable from the man in a house in Sunyshore City (requires Rock Climb) if you show him a Pokémon with Serious nature.

Calendar 1.png


  • The number at the top represent the month. (1 is January, 2 is February etc.)
  • The black rectangle shows the current day.
  • Press the number on the calendar to mark an important date (shown in grey).
  • It can only show you the date of a particular month. (If your Nintendo DS is set on January, you cannot see the calendar on February.)
  • The numbers on the left column is Sunday, next column is Monday and so on.

Poketchcalendar.jpg Calendar 2.png

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