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Bulletproof (Japanese: Bulletproof Bulletproof) is an Ability introduced in the Generation VI games, Pokémon X and Y. This ability is also a Hidden Ability. It is the signature ability of Chespin and it's evolutions, Quilladin and Chesnaught.

Game info


Version(s) Description
X/Y Protects the Pokémon from some ball and bomb moves.


In battle

Bulletproof protects the user from all ball and bomb moves and some cannon and laser attacks.

Affected moves
List of Affected Abilities
Move Type Category
Acid Spray Poison Special
Aura Sphere Fighting Special
Barrage Normal Physical
Bullet Seed Grass Physical
Egg Bomb Normal Physical
Electro Ball Electric Special
Energy Ball Grass Special
Focus Blast Fighting Special
Gyro Ball Steel Physical
Ice Ball Ice Physical
Magnet Bomb Steel Physical
Mist Ball Psychic Special
Mud Bomb Ground Special
Octazooka Water Special
Rock Wrecker Rock Physical
Searing Shot Fire Special
Seed Bomb Grass Physical
Shadow Ball Ghost Special
Sludge Bomb Poison Special
Weather Ball Normal Special
Zap Cannon Electric Special
This is a list of moves that are affected by Bulletproof.

Outside of battle

Bulletproof has no effect outside of battle.

List of Pokémon

List of Pokémon
Sprite Pokémon Type Obtained
650.png Chespin Grass Hidden
651.png Quilladin Grass Hidden
652.png Chesnaught Grass/Fighting Hidden
This list is made for Generation VI and therefore may include abilities that were not introduced in previous generations.