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Eureka Okarukaya
(雄刈萱ユリーカ Okarukaya Eureka)
Bonnie XY.png
Region: Kalos
Age: 8
Hometown: Miare City
Family: Citron (Brother)
Limone (Father)
Friends: Satoshi
Voice actor: Mariya Ise (Japanese)
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld (English)
Debut: XY001: Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

Eureka Okarukaya (Japanese: 雄刈萱ユリーカ Okarukaya Eureka) is a Japanese traveling companion of Satoshi and the sister of the Lumiose City Gym Leader, Citron, who first appeared in the episode Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!. She is also being watched over her older brother, Citron, as she travels with Satoshi and Serena.


Eureka is a very energetic child and loves to come across new Pokémon. Upon meeting or seeing one, she gets very excited and usually rushes over too them, sometimes scaring the Pokémon. While it is unknown if Citron, her brother, and Eureka have a mother, she continually tries to find a woman for Citron to marry. This results in Citron being embarrassed and removing her from the scene with his Aipom arm. She will continually mention how intelligent her brother is, but will also be over critical of him when something happens to his inventions.

Her love for Pokémon and also being too young to have her own results in her taking care of the Pokémon that Satoshi, Serena and Citron have. She loves to brush, groom, feed, and otherwise take care of any Pokémon of theirs. Also, when a wild Pokémon comes by that she will want to train and own when she gets older comes by, she asks her brother to catch it for her and she will take care of the Pokémon. The most notable one is Dedenne, who usually sleeps in the purse she carries.

Eureka hates being left out of the group and will occasionally pout or stick out in some other way to get the attention of others.


Pokémon the Series: XY


Taking care of

Clemont Dedenne.png
Dedenne made its first appearance in XY004 where it was found taking a berry away from Eureka. Due to it's cuteness, Eureka wanted it for herself, but she is too young to be a Pokémon Trainer yet. So, she asked her brother, Citron if he could catch it for her, for which he agreed to. Dedenne has a habit of taking and finding food and has a tendency to get greatly upset when it loses its food by some manor. It also has another bad habit of sleeping at inconvenient times, usually at the expense of Satoshi, Citron, and Eureka. Its known moves are Nuzzle, Thunder Shock, and Tackle.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: 伊瀬茉莉也 Mariya Ise
  • English: Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
  • Korean: 조경이 Jo Gyung-i
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Jussara Marques
  • Spanish: Blanca Hualde


  • Her surname in Japanese 雄刈萱 (おかるかや) means Cymbopogon citratus, commonly known as lemongrass.