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Battle Zone
バトルゾーン Batoru Zōn
Battle Zone as seen in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
Introduced in: Diamond/Pearl
Regional villains: Team Galactic
Starter Pokémon: N/A

The Battle Zone (バトルゾーン Batoru Zōn?) is a sub-region on an island off the northeast of mainland Sinnoh and is home to the Battle Tower in Diamond and Pearl, and to the Battle Frontier in Platinum. In both of these, the player can get Battle Points, like in Hoenn's Battle Frontier. Battle Zone is based on the geography of the former Japanese now Russian island of Sakhalin (Karafuto).

Cities and Towns

Main articles: Fight Area, Survival Area, and Resort Area

The Battle Zone is home to three major settlements, the Fight Area, the Survival Area and the Resort Area. Sinnoh's Battle Tower (DP)/Battle Frontier (Pt) is also located in the Fight Area. In the Battle Zone, there is a facility called the Fight Area which serves as the entrance to the Battle Tower in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. In the Survival Area, the player can rematch Sinnoh Gym Leaders in Pokémon Platinum.

Places of Interest

Battle Park / Battle Frontier

Main articles: Battle Tower and Sinnoh Battle Frontier

Battle Park in Diamond and Pearl or Battle Frontier in Platinum is located northeast of Fight Area. Similarly to Pokémon Emerald, Battle Points are won from battles and can be exchanged for goods and move tutoring services.

Stark Mountain

Main article: Stark Mountain

Nearby the Survival Area lies the Stark Mountain an active volcano.

Ribbon Syndicate

In the Resort Area, the player can buy unique ribbons at the Ribbon Syndicate and massages for their Pokémon.


  • It should be noted that, although the Battle Zone is placed on the Sinnoh region map, it is however not considered to be a part of the region. This is due to the fact that many local civilians state that Pokémon originating from Sinnoh are a rare sight. This trait is also shared with the Sevii Islands of Generation III.

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