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"A Unova League Evolution!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg January 10, 2013 UnitedStatesFlag.svg April 13, 2013
BW109BW110 → BW111

A Unova League Evolution! (キバゴ迷子になる!) is the 767th episode of the Pokémon anime series. This episode features conclusion of Ash's battle against Cameron in Unova League Higaki Conference.

Episode Plot

The episode begins where the previous one left off, Cameron has one Pokémon left, Riolu, and Ash has two, Pikachu and Snivy. After a hard fought battle, Riolu has been left weak and is nearly defeated, but a sudden evolution into Lucario signals that the battle has just begun.

The battle recommences with Snivy using Leaf Blade, but Lucario dodges, shocking both Ash and Snivy. Snivy attacks with Vine Whip, but Lucario blocks the vines with its arms and grabs them, throwing Snivy around and into the ground. Snivy is still on her feet as Lucario prepares Aura Sphere. Lucario unleashes the attack, doing massive damage and knocking out Snivy. Ash's friends are now worried now that the battle is one-on-one. Ash sends out Pikachu to finish the battle.

Pikachu opens with Quick Attack, hitting Lucario with barrage of blows. Lucario is staggered as Pikachu moves in to attack with Iron Tail. Lucario dodges and reappears behind Pikachu to use Force Palm on it. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and is sent flying. The smoke clears and reveals both are reaching their limit and the battle has reached the climax. Both trainers speak as the battle recommences and Pikachu uses Thunder Bolt, doing damage and sending Lucario to the ground.

Lucario manages to get back on its feet and, using Copycat, counters Pikachu's Iron Tail with its own Iron Tail. Both are sent to the ground as everyone is worried who will have the strength to stand back up. Both find the power to stand up and prepare Electro Ball and Aura Sphere. There is a stand off until both attack, causing a bright flash of light as the attacks collide. Pikachu is sent flying and faints upon impact, giving Cameron the victory. Cameron celebrates before shaking Ash's hand.

Ramone is revealed to have won his match and proceeded to the semi-finals to face Dino. Cameron is paired up against Virgil for the semi-finals. The battle opens with several of their Pokémon already KOed and the match up is now Lucario vs Espeon. Espeon is quickly switched with Flareon. Using a Double Team and a Fire attack, Virgil easily outmaneuvers Cameron and wins his victory, leaving Cameron shocked. The finals begin with Virgil vs Dino, who won his match against Ramone. First up is Eevee vs Druddigon. Eevee uses Iron Tail and knocks out the Dragon-type. The battle proceeds and Virgil wins, earning him the trophy.

Later that night after the trophy award ceremony, Ash, Iris, Cilan, Stephan, Cameron and Virgil talk outside as Davey pulls up. Virgil jumps in the plane as he says goodbye to the others. Bianca appears with ice cream cones for everyone as Cameron bids farewell. Ash and Cameron speak later on in the sauna room. Cilan and Iris are packing in their room later on a notice Ash is gone. The scene shifts to Ash, who is once again looking at the conference battle field. Ash looks at one of his Poké Balls as he remembers all of the adventures, the friends he made and the rivals he earned in getting to the Unova League. The torch goes out as Iris and Cilan arrive. Ash runs towards them to continue on his adventure in Unova.


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