BW109: Cameron's Secret Weapon!

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"Cameron's Secret Weapon!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg December 20, 2012 UnitedStatesFlag.svg April 6, 2013

Cameron's Secret Weapon! (サトシ対コテツ!秘密兵器サザンドラ!!) is the 766th episode of the Pokémon anime series. This episode features Ash's battle against Cameron in Unova League Higaki Conference.

Episode Plot

With Stephan defeated and the next round of the Unova League beginning, Ash now must face his friend, Cameron. Cameron begins with a new, powerful Pokémon, Hydreigon. Ash checks it in the Pokédex and decides to send out Boldore. Hydreigon opens with Tri Attack, causing a dust cloud. Boldore counters with Rock Blast and Hydreigon counters back by unleashing Dragon Rush. Boldore is sent flying, but unleashes Flash Cannon. The field clears as Boldore is revealed to be KOed.

Cameron laughs as Ash sends out Oshawott. The next battle begins as Oshawott uses Aqua Jet. Next up is Razor Shell, but Oshawott is sent flying. Oshawott unleashes Hydro Pump, doing little damage. Both decide to attack head on with Oshawott using Razor Shell and Hydreigon using Double Hit. The dust clears as Oshawott is revealed to be KOed. The crowd cheers as Ash returns Oshawott to its Poké Ball. Ash sends out Pignite.

With Pignite having a type advantage, Hydreigon attacks with Dragon Pulse, but Pignite dodges the attack. Pignite uses Flame Charge, damaging Hydreigon. Hydreigon counters with Double Hit, but Pignite uses Fire Pledge. ash decides to use Pignite's newest move, Brick Break, to do massive damage, earning ash the victory.

The next battle begins with Pignite vs Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn unleashes Pin Missle and Pignite uses Flame Charge. Ferrothorn is sent flying as Pignite is declared the winner. Ferrothorn is returned as Samurott is sent out next. Pignite opens with Flamethrower, but Samurott counters with Aqua Jet, knocking out Pignite.

The next battle begins with Pikachu vs Samurott. Samuroot begins with Razor Shell and then Megahorn. Pikachu is sent flying but counters with Iron Tail, defeating Samurott. Cameron sends out yet another new Pokémon, Swanna. Swanna opens with Pluck, followed by Wing Attack and BubbleBeam. Pikachu dodges and counters with Electro Ball, giving Ash the victory.

Cameron sends out his partner, Riolu, next and Ash substitutes Unfezant for Pikachu. Unfezant opens with Aerial Ace, but Riolu jump out of the way and onto Unfezant's back. Riolu jumps down as Unfezant attacks with Air Cutter, but Riolu dodges again. Riolu uses Vacuum Wave, knocking out Unfezant. Next up is Snivy vs Riolu.

Riolu attacks with Vacuum Wave and Snivy with Leaf Blade. Riolu uses Copycat and unleashes Leaf Blade, sending Snivy flying into a wall. Snivy uses Leaf Storm, but Riolu dodges again. Snivy catches Riolu with Vine Whip, but frees itself and prepares Vacuum Wave. Snivy counters with Leaf Storm, massively damaging Riolu and sending it down to the ground. Things look in Ash's favor until Riolu begins to glow, evolving into Lucario. Everyone is in shock as Lucario is ready to go once again.


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