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"An Amazing Aerial Battle!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg Mar-01-2012 UnitedStatesFlag.svg June-30-2012
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BW069 {{{epcode}}} BW071

Episode Plot

Once again, the time has come for Ash since yesterday that Cilan lost to her. After observing Skyla in action, Ash comes up with a full-proof strategy. First, he'll call out his Krokorok in the 1st round to use Dig to dodge the attack from Skyla's Swoobat and ambushes it from behind by using stone edge but nearly fail when her Swoobat use gGust but one of the Stone Edge attack hits it. As Krokorok dodge the Stone Edge attack that was flown right back at him, Swoobat finish him of by using Air Cutter down to the ground and he's out. Ash returns Krokorok back, and calls out Tranquill and they battle real hard in the air against Swoobat and Skyla's Swoobat is down and Skyla returns Swoobat back and calls out her Male Unfezant. As the 2nd round goes on between Tranquill and a Male Unfezant, Ash's Tranquill is already tired from the 1st round and calls back quickly and sends out his Pikachu. As Skyla's Unfezant use Aerial Ace straight directly towards Pikachu, Ash tells him to lure it in and use Iron Tail directly below Unfezant and used Electro Ball to counterstrike and Unfezant's taken down. Skyla returns Unfezant and calls out Swanna and it used Aqua Ring as a defensive position to deflect any electric moves because it's when she did this back when she became a gym leader. She studied her grandfather's old videos on the computer when he mastered that move back in the day. The way that she did just until now. When her move cobination ends this, Pikachu still survived that and gets up but worn out. So Ash calls Tranquill out once again and battled long and hard as Tranquill used gust but to prove to no avail against the powerful move of the hurricane from Swanna. It looks like it's about to end, but Tranquill evolves into a Female Unfezant and his Female Unfezant's flying skills surpass of Skyla's Male Unfezant which will match Swanna's skill and makes it much more competitive and Swanna and Unfezant takes to the skies as they chase each other. Unfezant used Aerial Ace to take down Swanna once and for all and Ash wins the battle which earns him the Jet Badge from Skyla and she'll have no Air Battles for her that day when she's off guard. The next city gym Ash goes when Skyla told her is Icirrus City. 2 more badges to go before Ash enters the Unova League as the journey continues.


  • Who's That Pokémon?: Swanna (US) Unfezant (Male Forme) (Japan)
  • A spectator for the Gym battle resembles Kenta from Beyblade Metal Fusion.
  • This is the second time a person summons out a Krokorok in the gym battle since BW063: Battling the King of the Mines!. But the difference, is that the Driftveil Gym Leader Clay's Krokorok is not wearing a sunglasses like Ash's Krokorok.



  • Unfezant (Female Form)
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