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"A Home for Dwebble!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: Black & White
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg Dec-02-2010 UnitedStatesFlag.svg Apr-16-2011
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Ash and the gang stop to take a lunch break on their way to the Nacrene City Gym. While eating, they spot a most unusual Dwebble—one that doesn’t have a stone on its back to protect itself from its enemies. They watch as it finds a rock it likes and carefully carves it into the perfect shape. But as soon as the work is finished, three other Dwebble appear and steal the stone away!

Our heroes offer to help Dwebble get its home back from the thieving trio. Dwebble is quite independent and wants to take care of things by itself, but Ash convinces it to let him and his friends even the odds a bit by splitting up the three bullies. Cilan’s delicious Pokémon food is the perfect distraction, and Dwebble uses its wits and strength to defeat the villains one by one and reclaim its rock home!

After celebrating with the happy Dwebble, our heroes are ready to say farewell and move on…but soon discover that Dwebble is following them. It seems Dwebble bonded with Cilan and his Pansage during their adventure and now wants to join the team—and Cilan is delighted to have such a clever Pokémon on his side!

And so, we leave our heroes with a brand-new member of the family as they continue their journey toward Nacrene City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has successfully completed its newest mission—breaking into the Antimony Research Lab and stealing all the data concerning a mysterious object called the Meteonite...


  • Who's That Pokemon?: Dwebble (US)



Script Errors

  • The Japanese Narrator says nothing about lunch or a treat like the English dub narrator does.

Narrator: As the Unova League journey to Nacrene City continues, a riverside lunch provides our heroes with a delectable gourmet treat. Narrator Japanese Translation: Aiming to enter the Isshu League, Satoshi and his friends continue their journey to Shippo City where the next Gym is located. (ナレーター): イッシュリーグ出場を目指すサトシたちは次のジムがある シッポウシティに向け旅を続けていた

  • Satoshi in the Japanese original asks Pikachu about the 'Pokémon food' (ポケモンフーズ) whereas Ash just calls it 'Cilan's cooking', completely ignoring the fact that it was food specifically made for the Pokémon.

Ash: Hey, Pikachu, so what do you think of Cilan's cooking anyway? Satoshi: Pikachu, is Dent's special Pokémon food good? (サトシ): デント特製ポケモンフーズは うまいか?

  • Iris in the Japanese original calls the movements that Ishizumai's rock makes 'fluffy'. Iris in the English dub doesn't say anything about Dwebble's rock and says it looks like a moving cream puff?!

Iris English Dub: Looks like a little moving cream puff! It's so cute! Iris Japanese Translation: The way the rock on its back moves in such a fluffy manner is somewhat cute! (アイリス): 背中の岩が モコモコ動いてなんか かわいい!