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Aspertia City
ヒオウギシティ Hiougi City
Map of Aspertia City
This is Aspertia City. A city that reaches for the sky
Location info
Region: Unova
Connecting routes: Route 19
Location of Aspertia City in Unova.
Gym info
Name: Aspertia City Gym
Leader: Cheren
Types: Normal
Badge: Basicbadge.png
Basic Badge
Pokémon Gyms

Aspertia City (Japanese: ヒオウギシティ Hiougi City) is a location in Unova, where the player starts his/ her journey in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. It has a Pokémon Center, a Trainer School that is also the city's Pokémon Gym, and several other miscellaneous buildings.


Main article: Aspertia City Gym
Isshu Pokémon League icon.pngAspertia Gym LeaderIsshu Pokémon League icon.png
Basicbadge.png Basic Badge TM Normal.png TM83 (Work Up)
Level 11
Type Normal.gif
Level 13

Type Normal.gif


Sprite Item Method Version
Grass TM Sprite.png TM53 Energy Ball Floor* PKMN Black 2 icon.pngPKMN White 2 icon.png
Fresh Water Sprite.png Fresh Water Gift PKMN Black 2 icon.pngPKMN White 2 icon.png
X Defend Sprite.png X Defend Gift PKMN Black 2 icon.pngPKMN White 2 icon.png
Normal Type TM.png TM83 Work Up Gift from Cheren PKMN Black 2 icon.pngPKMN White 2 icon.png

Poké Mart

Top Counter
Sprite Item Price
Poké Ball Sprite.png Poké Ball Poké Dollar.png200
File:Great Ball Sprite.png Great Ball Poké Dollar.png600
Ultra Ball Sprite.png Ultra Ball Poké Dollar.png1200
Potion Sprite.png Potion Poké Dollar.png300
Super Potion Sprite.png Super Potion Poké Dollar.png700
Hyper Potion Sprite.png Hyper Potion Poké Dollar.png1200
Max Potion Sprite.png Max Potion Poké Dollar.png2500
Full Restore Sprite.png Full Restore Poké Dollar.png3000
Revive Sprite.png Revive Poké Dollar.png1500
Antidote Sprite.png Antidote Poké Dollar.png100
Bag Parlyz Heal Sprite.png Paralyz Heal Poké Dollar.png200
Awakening Sprite.png Awakening Poké Dollar.png250
Burn Heal Sprite.png Burn Heal Poké Dollar.png250
Ice Heal Sprite.png Ice Heal Poké Dollar.png250
Full Heal Sprite.png Full Heal Poké Dollar.png600
Escape Rope Sprite.png Escape Rope Poké Dollar.png550
Repel Sprite.png Repel Poké Dollar.png350
Super Repel Sprite.png Super Repel Poké Dollar.png500
Max Repel Sprite.png Max Repel Poké Dollar.png700
Bottom Counter
Sprite Item Price
Favored Mail Sprite.png Favored Mail Poké Dollar.png50
Greet Mail Sprite.png Greet Mail Poké Dollar.png50
Inquiry Mail Sprite.png Inquiry Mail Poké Dollar.png50
Like Mail Sprite.png Like Mail Poké Dollar.png50
Reply Mail Sprite.png Reply Mail Poké Dollar.png50
RSVP Mail Sprite.png RSVP Mail Poké Dollar.png50
Thanks Mail Sprite.png Thanks Mail Poké Dollar.png50



  • Aspertia City is the first hometown that is a city.
    • Subsequently, it is the first hometown to contain a Pokémon Center, a Gym, and concrete walkways.
  • Aspertia City is named after the Asperatus cloud (Undulatus Asperatus), which roughly translates to roughened or agitated waves.
  • This is the first city that the fly place isn't the Pokemon Center.

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