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Ash's Buizel
Satoshi's Buoysel
Trainer: Ash
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim
Debut: DP034: Buizel Your Way Out of This!
Caught where: Around Route 205
Current location: At Professor Oak's Laboratory
Traded to: Dawn
Traded for: Ash's Aipom
Traded In: Throwing the Track Switch!
Original Trainer: Ash

Ash's Buizel was caught by Dawn but was traded to Ash because he preferred battles over contests.


Buizel gained a reputation for being a very powerful Pokemon and proved capable of defeating Dawn's Piplup, Zoey's Glameow and Ash's Pikachu. However, because he focused on strength, Buizel was unprepared for contest moves and Dawn managed to capture him.

While Ash and Dawn where preparing for their gym and contest battles, Buizel was showing more interest in what Ash was doing, than the contest, while Aipom was doing the same with Dawn's training. Ash and Dawn traded Aipom and Buizel.

In A Triple Fighting Chance!, Buizel battled Maylene's Lucario and learned Water Pulse. After blowing a hole in the ceiling when his Water Pulse collided with Lucario's Aura Sphere, it started raining and Buizel's Swift Swim was activated. The battle ended in a draw. Later, Buizel competed in the Wallace Cup losing to Kyle's Lanturn in the top 8.

In A Crasher Course in Power!, Buizel was used in the Pastoria Gym, beating Crasher Wake's two Pokémon, Quagsire and Floatzel. Buizel didn't battle again until Shield with a Twist!, where he defeated Fantina's Gengar and lost to Drifblim. In Dealing with Defensive Types!, Buizel battled Byron's Steelix but despite type advantage, was defeated by Steelix's Iron Tail.

During Buizel's first battle with Paul, he first uses Aqua Jet and hits Magmortar, gaining the upper hand. But when Magmortar was switched to Ursaring, Buizel was defeated by Ursaring's Focus Blast.

Buizel's battling style has included a few moves that would be useful in contests. Ice Aqua Jet and Counter Shield have been used in battles such as Fantina, Crasher Wake, Team Rocket and Paul.

Buizel battled a trainer's Mr. Mime and lost the first battle. It then learned Ice Punch. Buizel won the second battle by activating Swift Swim.

Buizel battled Flint's Infernape and lost with a single hit and also lost to Kenny's Empoleon's Drill Peck .

Ash used Buizel against Paul's Gastrodon and won with Ice Punch. He also battled Paul's Drapion who was attacked with a powerful Pin Missile but Buizel was able to do use Water Gun Counter Shield and dodged Cross Poison. While in the air, Buizel used SonicBoom but Drapion blocked it and ensnared Buizel with its tail claw. Buizel broke free by inflating his flotation sac and then blasting Drapion with Water Gun but Drapion launched Toxic Spikes while Buizel was still in the air. As soon as he landed Buizel was poisoned by Toxic Spikes and Drapion finished him with Pin Missile.

Known moves

Move Episode
Using Ice Punch
Water Gun + {{{3}}}
Aqua Jet + {{{3}}}
SonicBoom + {{{3}}}
Water Pulse {{{3}}}
Ice Punch + {{{3}}}
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.