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Anticipation (きけんよち Danger Premonition) causes a Pokémon to shudder when entering a battle with a foe with any super effective, one hit K.O., or moves which cause both Pokémon to faint e.g. Selfdestruct. In Generation IV, its in-game description is "Senses the foe's dangerous moves.". In Generation V, the in-game description is also "Senses a foe's dangerous moves."

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Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#133 Eevee 133.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#339 Barboach 339.png Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#340 Whiscash 340.png Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#413 Wormadam 413.png Type Bug.gifType Grass.gif Natural
#413 Wormadam 413B.png Type Bug.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#413 Wormadam 413C.png Type Bug.gifType Steel.gif Natural
#453 Croagunk 453.png Type Poison.gifType Fighting.gif Natural
#454 Toxicroak 454.png Type Poison.gifType Fighting.gif Natural