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Analytic (アナライズ Analyze) is an ability introduced in Generation V. It can make the attack power of the user's next move increase by 30 percent if the Pokémon is the last to attack.

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Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#081 Magnemite 081.png Type Electric.gifType Steel.gif Dream World
#082 Magneton 082.png Type Electric.gifType Steel.gif Dream World
#120 Staryu 120.png Type Water.gif Dream World
#121 Starmie 121.png Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Dream World
#137 Porygon 137.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#233 Porygon2 233.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#462 Magnezone 462.png Type Electric.gifType Steel.gif Dream World
#474 Porygon-Z 474.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#504 Patrat 504.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#505 Watchog 505.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#605 Elgyem 605.png Type Psychic.gif Dream World
#606 Beheeyem 606.png Type Psychic.gif Dream World