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There are a total of 45 Pokémon in this group.

39 are purely from this group.
6 are partly from this group.


Many of the Pokémon in this group have no finite shape, are blob-like, gaseous or are inanimate objects. A majority of the Pokémon are Ghost-type and it is also the main group Ghost-types are put into, with few of the members being able to breed outside the group.



# Pokémon Type
088 088.png Grimer Type Poison.gif
089 089.png Muk Type Poison.gif
092 092.png Gastly Type Ghost.gifType Poison.gif
093 093.png Haunter Type Ghost.gifType Poison.gif
094 094.png Gengar Type Ghost.gifType Poison.gif
109 109.png Koffing Type Poison.gif
110 110.png Weezing Type Poison.gif
200 200.png Misdreavus Type Ghost.gif
202 202.png Wobbuffet Type Psychic.gif
218 218.png Slugma Type Fire.gif
219 219.png Magcargo Type Fire.gifType Rock.gif
280 280.png Ralts Type Psychic.gif
281 281.png Kirlia Type Psychic.gif
282 282.png Gardevoir Type Psychic.gif
316 316.png Gulpin Type Poison.gif
317 317.png Swalot Type Poison.gif
353 353.png Shuppet Type Ghost.gif
354 354.png Banette Type Ghost.gif
355 355.png Duskull Type Ghost.gif
356 356.png Dusclops Type Ghost.gif
358 358.png Chimecho Type Psychic.gif
425 425.png Drifloon Type Ghost.gifType Flying.gif
426 426.png Drifblim Type Ghost.gifType Flying.gif
429 429.png Mismagius Type Ghost.gif
442 442.png Spiritomb Type Ghost.gifType Dark.gif
475 475.png Gallade Type Psychic.gifType Fighting.gif
477 477.png Dusknoir Type Ghost.gif
479 479.png Rotom Type Electric.gifType Ghost.gif
577 577.png Solosis Type Psychic.gif
578 578.png Duosion Type Psychic.gif
579 579.png Reuniclus Type Psychic.gif
592 592.png Frillish Type Water.gifType Ghost.gif
593 593.png Jellicent Type Water.gifType Ghost.gif
602 602.png Tynamo Type Electric.gif
603 603.png Eelektrik Type Electric.gif
604 604.png Eelektross Type Electric.gif
607 607.png Litwick Type Ghost.gifType Fire.gif
608 608.png Lampent Type Ghost.gifType Fire.gif
609 609.png Chandelure Type Ghost.gifType Fire.gif


# Pokémon Type Other Group
351 351.png Castform Type Normal.gif Fairy
422 422A.png Shellos
West Sea
Type Water.gif Water 1
422 422B.png Shellos
East Sea
Type Water.gif Water 1
423 423A.png Gastrodon
West Sea
Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Water 1
423 423B.png Gastrodon
East Sea
Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Water 1
562 562.png Yamask Type Ghost.gif Mineral
563 563.png Cofagrigus Type Ghost.gif Mineral
618 618.png Stunfisk Type Ground.gifType Electric.gif Water 1