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Alola Pokédex
The newest model of the Alola Pokédex
The newest model of the Alola Pokédex

The Alola Pokédex is the regional Pokédex of the Alola Region. Alola Pokédex is feature in Pokémon Sun and Moon spiting into four sections.

Melemele Pokédex

English Icon Type
001 Rowlet 722.png Grass Flying
002 Dartrix 723.png Grass Flying
003 Decidueye 724.png Grass Ghost
004 Litten 725.png Fire
005 Torracat 726.png Fire
006 Incineroar 727.png Fire Dark
007 Popplio 728.png Water
008 Brionne 729.png Water
009 Primarina 730.png Water Fairy
010 Pikipek 731.png Normal Flying
011 Trumbeak 732.png Normal Flying
012 Toucannon 733.png Normal Flying
013 Yungoos 734.png Normal
014 Gumshoos 735.png Normal
015 Rattata 019 Alola.png Dark Normal
016 Raticate 020 Alola.png Dark Normal
017 Caterpie 010.png Bug
018 Metapod 011.png Bug
019 Butterfree 012.png Bug Flying
020 Ledyba 165.png Bug Flying
021 Ledian 166.png Bug Poison
022 Spinarak 167.png Bug Poison
023 Ariados 168.png Bug Poison
024 Pichu 172.png Electric
025 Pikachu 025.png Electric
026 Raichu 026 Alola.png Electric Psychic
027 Grubbin 736.png Bug
028 Charjabug 737.png Bug Electric
029 Vikavolt 738.png Bug Electric
030 Bonsly 438.png Rock
031 Sudowoodo 185.png Rock
032 Happiny 440.png Normal
033 Chansey 113.png Normal
034 Blissey 242.png Normal
035 Munchlax 446.png Normal
036 Snorlax 143.png Normal
037 Slowpoke 079.png Water Electric
038 Slowbro 080.png Water Psychic
039 Slowking 199.png Water Psychic
040 Wingull 278.png Water Flying
041 Pelipper 279.png Water Flying
042 Abra 063.png Psychic
043 Kadabra 064.png Psychic
044 Alakazam 065.png Psychic
045 Meowth 052 Alola.png Dark
046 Persian 053 Alola.png Dark
047 Magnemite 081.png ElectricSteel
048 Magneton 082.png Electric Steel
049 Magnezone 462.png Electric Steel
050 Grimer 088 Alola.png Poison Dark
051 Muk 089 Alola.png Poison Dark
052 Growlithe 058.png Fire
053 Arcanine 059.png Fire
054 Drowzee 096.png Psychic
055 Hypno 097.png Psychic
056 Makuhita 296.png Fighting
057 Hariyama 297.png Fighting
058 Smeargle 235.png Normal
058 Crabrawler 739.png Fighting
060 Crabominable 740.png Fighting Ice
061 Gastly 092.png Ghost Poison
062 Haunter 093.png Ghost Poison
063 Gengar 094.png Ghost Poison Steel
064 Drifloon 425.png Ghost Flying
065 Drifblim 426.png Ghost Flying
066 Misdreavus 200.png Ghost
067 Mismagius 429.png Ghost
068 Zubat 041.png Poison Flying
069 Golbat 042.png Poison Flying
070 Crobat 169.png Poison Flying
071 Diglett 050 Alola.png Ground Steel
072 Dugtrio 051 Alola.png Ground Steel
073 Spearow 021.png Normal Flying
074 Fearow 022.png Normal Flying
075 Rufflet 627.png Normal Flying
076 Braviary 628.png Normal Flying
077 Vullaby 629.png Dark Flying
078 Mandibuzz 630.png Dark Flying
079 Mankey 056.png Fighting
080 Primeape 057.png Fighting
081 Delibird 225.png Ice Flying
082 Oricorio 741 Baile.png FireFlying
741 Pom-Pom.png Electric Flying
741 Pa'u.png Psychic Flying
741 Sensu.png Ghost Flying
083 Cutiefly 742.png Bug Fairy
084 Ribombee 743.png Bug Fairy
085 Petilil 548.png Grass
086 Lilligant 549.png Grass
087 Cottonee 546.png Grass Fairy
088 Whimsicott 547.png Grass Fairy
089 Psyduck 054.png Water
090 Golduck 055.png Water
091 Magikarp 129.png Water
092 Gyarados 130.png Water Flying
093 Barboach 339.png Water Ground
094 Whiscash 340.png Water Ground
095 Machop 066.png Fighting
096 Machoke 067.png Fighting
097 Machamp 068.png Fighting
098 Roggenrola 524.png Rock
099 Boldore 525.png Rock
100 Gigalith 526.png Rock
101 Carbink 703.png Rock Fairy
102 Sableye 302.png Dark Ghost
103 Rockruff 744.png Rock
104 Lycanroc 745.png Rock
745 Midnight.png Rock
105 Spinda 327.png Normal
106 Tentacool 072.png Water Poison
107 Tentacruel 073.png Water Poison
108 Finneon 456.png Water
109 Lumineon 457.png Water
110 Wishiwashi 746.png Water
746 School.png Water
111 Luvdisc 370.png Water
112 Corsola 371.png Water Rock
113 Mareanie 747.png Poison Water
114 Toxapex 748.png Poison Water
115 Shellder 090.png Water
116 Cloyster 091.png Water Ice
117 Bagon 371.png Dragon
118 Shelgon 372.png Dragon
119 Salamence 373.png Dragon Flying
120 Venipede 543.png Bug Poison
121 Whirlipede 544.png Bug Poison
122 Tapu Koko 785.png Electric Fairy

Akala Pokédex

Ula'ula Pokédex

Poni Pokédex